INSPIRING DREAMERS TO LOOK at life from a different perspective

Ella Clarke has been a MENTOR AND CHRISTIAN motivational speaker inspiring all ages for many years.  However, along the journey has learned that destiny can be a heavy burden to carry especially when coupled with other people’s expectations of who you should be.

As an INFLUENCER, her passion has become reaching the masses that feel trapped by the pressures of someone else’s definition of perfection for their lives. The journey is about living your best life…one day at a time.

Ella has the desire to be a mid-wife for God-ordained purpose. Enabling those with the audacity to DREAM.


Dare to be Different

There is only one you.  Fearfully and wonderfully made.  Uniquely you.  Why try to be like anyone else?  The world would miss the treasure of who you are called to be.


Reinvent Often

If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, you alone have the power to change it.


Embrace Who You Are

By the grace of God, I am what I am.  The good, the bad, and the ugly make you who you are.  Embrace it all.  Without hiding or apology.  These are the stepping stones of life.  Embrace, learn, and build.


Aim for the Moon

What’s the worst that could happen?  You may just land among the stars.  Never be afraid to set your goals at the level you dream.


Make it Happen

“Work like it depends on you. Pray like it depends on God.” Plan on your success, for a dream without a plan in only a wish.

Ella is available for engagements as a PANELIST, KEYNOTE SPEAKER, OR PRESENTER for business or Christian conferences, retreats, or youth gatherings.


As a Christian, I have often felt the pressure to be perfect in a less than perfect world. Because of this, I wanted to create a kind of utopia for readers that would reinforce the message that we can strive for perfection without being perfect!  What better way to accomplish this than to take a entity like an angel, who most people would deem perfect, and make that being flawed by allowing him/her to suffer the same emotions and pressures that we do. In doing so, I hope to convey a message of hope, strength, and determination…without having to be perfect.  Thanks for such an insightful question!

Great question!  I classify Reborn as YA Paranormal Fantasy as it cast a wider net for readers; however, Reborn, has been placed in several different marketing categories on various sites, and Christian Fantasy is one of them.  While I agree that the foundational premise of Reborn is Christian, the work is fantasy.  It is very loosely based on some biblical principles, but in no way is it a theological work.

While do research for The Guardian Odyssey, I was in search of a small town, with tons of history and one with lots of fun facts that I could tie into the storyline.  Danvers turned out to be perfect.  Many of the places and situations in Reborn have been modified from real events and places.  The research and interviews we so much fun.  Thanks for writing in!

Matt, this is one of those “nice try” questions!  All I will say is that the intended message of the series is redemption.  What I won’t say is who will benefit from that gift. Thanks for your question and stay tuned…