Guardian angels were created to protect the human race, but Kendi was never one to simply bow down to authority. Where’s the fun in that? He enjoys being the Guardian gone rogue until he learns that rebellion comes with a price.

In Reborn, Kendi begins his journey of reconciliation, hoping to find redemption for his past. He is challenged by a beautiful young woman who shatters every preconceived notion that he has had about the human race but can he learn to love or will it be the lake of fire?

“Guardian angels, a sweet love story, and inspirational undertones means a great book for me.” -Jackie Anders

“[Clarke] keeps her story grounded in the real struggles of teenagers and a well-researched and developed depiction of Danvers. The result is a page-turning book with plenty of twists and characters you can relate to.” -Matthew Arnold Stern

“I loved every second of this emotional rollercoaster. A very intriguing story told beautifully… with a mixture of friendship, betrayal, and an epic battle.” -Misty’s Book Nerd Life

“Highly recommended for fantasy lovers of all ages.” -Steven D. Searls


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Retribution (The Guardian Odyssey Series Book 2)