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Book 1
The Guardian Odyssey


Guardian angels were created to protect mankind, but Kendi was never one to simply bow down to authority. He enjoys being the Guardian gone rogue until he learns that rebellion comes with a price.

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A Word From The Author

In the tapestry of urban fantasy, I’ve woven threads of curiosity, audacity, and dreams untamed. Each word I’ve penned is an invitation to wander through the labyrinthine alleys of possibility, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. My characters are not mere observers; they’re inquisitive souls, rebels against the mundane, dreamers unafraid of the dark. Together, we’ll explore realms where reality wears a cloak of enchantment, and the streets whisper secrets only the bold dare to uncover. As you embark on this journey with me, may you too embrace the unfamiliar, question the norm, and dare to dream in the most fantastical hues.

Ella Clarke is an imaginative urban fantasy author who resides in Central North Carolina. With a deep-rooted love for the wondrous and a mind brimming with possibilities, Ella weaves intricate tales that transport readers to uncharted realms. Armed with a degree in chemistry and a minor in mathematics, she skillfully merges the realms of science and fascination, infusing her narratives with a unique blend of logic and wonder.

Inspired by the eternal question of “what if”, Ella’s stories explore the uncharted territories of imagination, where ordinary lives collide with extraordinary destinies. Her characters embark on fantastic pursuits, confronting their fears and discovering their hidden strengths along the way. Ella’s writing is a brilliant concoction of vibrant world-building, complex characters, and compelling plotlines.

When not crafting fantastical tales, Ella is a corporate executive in the medical device industry. She and her husband have four wonderful children and are enjoying empty nester status with their fur babies.

Writer. Speaker. Entrepreneur.

"Dare to be different."

Complete Series

The Guardian Odyssey

When your destiny is preordained and free-will seems nonexistent,
then there is very little choice available to you…even if you have lost faith in mankind.

Reborn | Book 1


Retribution | Book 2


Reconciliation | Book 3


Redemption | Book 4


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